April 9th, 2023 | 10:32pm
Ally has informed me that she is: “Deathly afraid that someone is going to do something to me that can’t be reversed” based off the story that she is telling people. This is why I feel its important for others to know whats going on, from the kids perspective, as she is making me out to be the bad guy and people I have never met, want to jump on her side.

I could say a lot of things, but I’ll keep it recent and just about the kids.

By court order: “Joint legal decision-making with Father having final decision-making authority is in the best interest of the children because while both parents are fir and proper persons and are able to work together to provide and care for the minor children, Father will have the ability to protect the children’s best interest if necessary.

Other Orders: “Father should remain in constant communication with the children and make sure that they have food prepared while in Mother’s care, that Mother’s home is clean, and that the children are not left unattended while in Mother’s care.”

That is with the exception of Maliah: “At this time Maliah is to remain in Father’s care.”

That said, below is a log of how the visits are going so far…

Latest Visits (Texts from Addison)

March 28, 2023: (Week #)

March 8th, 2023 (Week #)

As I have the six children the Majority of the time, and Maliah 100% of the time, Ally (said she would quit her job if I didn’t agree) asked me to wave all child support. I agreed as she said she would help me with transporting the children to school and some of the costs. That has not played out well as she has skipped picking them up several times, while I do the majority of the driving. Almost as soon as the court case was closed, she refused to help any further making things increasingly difficult, then blames me for struggling (says shes going to report me for not having a big enough car).


Ally is now telling people that I have ruined her relationship with her oldest daughter Maliah (15), but as Maliah has started, that is not at all true. This video was taken when I was not home, by one of Maliah’s friends. This IMO sums up why they don’t have a relationship. The reason I am including this information is below.

I am literally struggling to support and care for all Seven children the majority of the time, and on top of everything else she will not back down and KEEPS making everything SO much harder for me and the children!

Here is a pattern:
Today (Easter) She decided today was the day all of the above needed to take place, on top of that she clams she has called CPS on me, because she didn’t get her way with the argument.
My birthday: She had sent the cops here to do a “welfare check” because I wasn’t answering her texts.
Maliah’s birthday: She called and reported her as a runaway after she has kicked her and had her in the back of a cop car.
Emmeline’s birthday: She told Emmeline she was picking her up and changed her mind at the last moment, leaving Emmeline crying for most of the day.

She says she wants to sign the kids over to me.

She claims she makes no money from her website or Photography.

She uses the police to control me. My 15 year old daughter is more then old enough to babysit but she doesn’t want me leaving the house.

She threatens to “sign her lease over” to me if I don’t respond to her.

April 9, 2023 (Easter): Proof that I DID transfer her website to her last year, she harassed me about it all day (posting about me on soical media) saying its still in my name, its NOT.

Threatens me with an eviction every-time she doesn’t get her way, I resigned it for her & kids, then she kicked them out. Now won’t remove me from the lease.

*I could provide 100 more of each example.

Ally impersonating DCS Worker to get information

September 29, 2022 Ally calls me from a phone number belonging to The Joint Chiropractic impersonating a DCS worker. Call was recorded and can be heard below.