Ryan McNallen (Self)

DOB: February 15, 1982

Jane Messina (Mother)

DOB: October 23, 1954 | USA

Angelo Messina (Grandfather)

DOB: August 31, 1913 | USA

Margherita Capovanni (Grandmother) | USA

DOB: April 25, 1917

  • Birth Certificate ✓ Margherita Capovanni | Birth: 25-04-1917 (Teresina Brunozzi, Giovanno Capovanni)
  • Marriage CertificateMargaret Teresa Capovani (John Capovani, Teresa Burnazzi)
  • Death CertificateMargaret T. Messina | Birth: 25-04-1917 (John Capovani, Teresa Burnazzi)

Giovanni Capuani (Great-Grandfather) | Atri, Italy

DOB: November 23, 1890

Maria Teresa Brunozzi (Great-Grandmother) | Montepagano (TE) Italy

DOB: March 27, 1895

Great Grandfather Side… Can Not Find All Info.

Joe Messina (Great-Grandfather)

  • DOB: 1889-1890 (Listed as 24 years old on Angelo’s Birth Certificate) ???| Italy
    • **ALSO**
  • DOB: 1894 (Listed on the United States Census, 1920) ???| Italy
    • Address from the 1920 Census: Rockford, Winnebago, Illinois, United States
  • Birth Certificate (Needed)
    • Born in Italy (Listed on Angelo’s Birth Certificate)
  • Marriage Certificate (Needed | Not sure if married in USA or Italy)
    • Married to Concetta Mandella (Listed on Angelo’s Birth Certificate)
  • Death Certificate (Needed)

Note: Joe and Jennie had two children together, Angelo and Carrie Messina. Jennie later married John Lucia who Angelo and Carrie lived with (stepfather). Attached is Jennie and Joe listed on Carrie’s marriage record ✓.

Jennie (Concetta) Mandella (Great-Grandmother) | Italy

DOB: June 3, 1889

  • Birth Certificate (Needed)
    • Born in Italy (Listed on Death Certificate)
      • Born in Piana dei Greci Palermo, Italy (the place has changed name to Piana degli Albanesi) (Listed on Declaration of Intention)
      • Entered the US under the name of Concetta Mandella (Listed on Declaration of Intention)
  • Marriage Certificate (Needed)
    • In need of Marriage Certificate to Joe Messina
  • Death Certificate

Note: Someone on sent me the following message a while back: “The only thing I can add is that searching New York arrivals from Italy I didn’t find any Concetta Mandella but I found, on the same date June 22 1911 and on the same ship, a Concetta Mandala’, father Giovanni Mandala’, which might be her real maiden name (I know it is also a common surname in that part of Sicily).

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Requester Information:
Name: Ryan McNallen
Name: Giovanni Capovani
Date of Birth: 11/23/1890 (Actual Date Of Birth)
Country of Birth: Italy
Immigrant Information Additional:
Immigrant Place of Residence: philadelphia, pennsylvania, Period of Residence: 1921
Immigrant Place of Residence: 4910 Lancaster Ave Philadelphia, PA 19131, Period of Residence: 1923
Immigrant Information Optional:
Other Name: Giovanni Capuani
Other Name: Giovanni Capovani
Other Name: John Capovani
Spouse’s Name: Maria Teresa Brunozzi
Child’s Name: Margherita Capovanni
Other Information: Possible Date Of Arrival: May 16, 1909
Case Opened Date: 8/19/2021 10:28:08 PM

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